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Welcome to VetCPD!

With the RCVS taking a keener interest than ever in CPD, we are able to offer you what very few other CPD companies can – CERTIFIED CPD! All our CPD is backed by a Certificate. And with no need to connect at a set time.


Vet CPD Journal »

Vet CPD Journal is a quarterly peer reviewed clinical update journal containing a range of topical articles. Plus – in order to certify your CPD – each article is accompanied by an online exam, generating a CPD Certificate that will count towards your annual RCVS CPD requirements. We have 25+ hours of CPD planned for 2016!


Vet CPD Tutored Online Courses »

Vet CPD Tutored Online Courses offer an in-depth look at clinical topics. There are downloadable course notes and clinical cases to work through, plus a very popular online forum where delegates can ask questions and discuss the course topics. A final MCQ exam tests your learning and generates a CPD Certificate.