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Feline Lymphoma and Leukaemias*

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8th - 28th Jun '20Suitable for Vets & VNs
Tutored by Dr Chiara Penzo DVM PhD Dip.ECVIM (Oncology) MRCVS. European and RCVS Recognised Veterinary Specialist in Oncology

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Feline Lymphoma and Leukaemias*

Feline Lymphoma and Leukaemias: Lymphoma is the most common malignancy in cats and a very frequent diagnosis. It has a range of presentations that poses a diagnostic and treatment dilemma to the clinician. Lymphoma can present in many different forms, and the clinician should be alert to the possibility of this condition in any cat regardless of age, breed or viral status. Treatment can be rewarding with rapid responses often leading to a reversal of life threatening situations within hours or days of commencing appropriate therapy in the practice therapy. Histological diagnosis and full staging are required to tailor treatment choices to the individual cat. All samples for diagnostic purposes should be obtained before commencing therapy, including glucocorticoid treatment. Communicating the evidence to the owner in a positive, knowledgeable and compassionate way and presenting a fair and realistic overview of what is to be expected is very important and necessary to achieve an informed consent and owner involvement in decision making.

MODULE 1 Important aspects of diagnosis and staging of feline lymphoma and leukaemias. After an introduction on incidence and etiology of feline lymphoma, this module will illustrate clinical approach for diagnosis, staging and formulation of a prognosis for a feline patient with lymphoma.
MODULE 2. Practical treatment recommendations of feline lymphoma. This module will illustrate practical principles of selection of treatment options and give details of the most commonly used chemotherapy protocols.
MODULE 3. The most frequent forms of lymphoma: clinical presentation diagnosis, clinical staging and treatment.In this and the next module you will learn about two among the most frequent anatomic locations of feline lymphoma, the gastrointestinal and mediastinal form, and the less common forms of nodal lymphoproliferative forms in cats.
MODULE 4 Extranodal feline lymphoma & leukemia: clinical presentation, diagnosis, clinical staging and treatment
MODULE 5 Challenging clinical case 1 feline lymphoma and leukaemias
MODULE 6 Challenging clinical case 2 feline lymphoma and leukaemias
MODULE 7 Challenging clinical case 3 feline lymphoma and leukaemias
MODULE 8 Final Exam for CPD certificate

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All our Tutored Online CPD Courses are written and taught by an expert in the relevant field. The tutor for this course is:

Dr Chiara Penzo DVM PhD Dip.ECVIM (Oncology) MRCVS. European and RCVS Recognised Veterinary Specialist in Oncology