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Parasite control in cats and dogs

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Parasite control in cats and dogs

7th - 27th Nov '22Suitable for Vets & VNs
Tutored by Ian Wright BVMS BSc MSc MRCVS
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Parasite control in cats and dogs

Parasite control in cats and dogs is a daily part of routine preventative advice given by vets and nurses to clients. It forms a vital part of preventative health care, reducing disease risk in pets and their owners. It is also essential however, that this advice is risk based where possible and owner compliance maximised to avoid over treatment and potential environmental contamination. These modules consider the routine prevention of worm, flea and tick prevention in cats and dogs using the latest UK data. It will also look at mite infestations and how these may be treated and prevented in individual pets and larger groups.

Parasite control in cats and dogs – modules

  • Module 1 – Worms
    • Module 1a: Intestinal roundworms
    • Module 1b: Tapeworms
    • Module 1c: Lungworms
    • Module 1d: Anthelmintic resistance
    • Module 1e: Risk based control strategies
  • Module 2 – Fleas
    • Module 2a: Effective flea control
    • Module 2b: Flea-borne pathogens
    • Module 2c: Resistance
    • Module 2d: Environmental contamination
  • Module 3 – Ticks
    • Ticks in the UK and endemic tick-borne pathogens
  • Module 4 – Mites
    • Demodex, sarcoptic mange and fur mites.
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