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Surgical Conditions of the Nictitans

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Vol 5 - Issue 2
Written by Rose Linn-Pearl BVSc DipECVO MRCVS
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Surgical Conditions of the Nictitans

The third eyelid or nictitating membrane has a simple structure and small number of components, including the leading edge, gland and a cartilaginous support. During surgery, preservation of these structures is important to maintain function including the production and spread of tears. Pocketing techniques are the most commonly used for replacement of gland prolapse and a step by step guide is given here for an effective pocketing technique. Additional surgeries including methods of correcting everted or scrolled cartilage and nictitans excision, which is indicated in cases with neoplastic disease, are also described.

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Rose Linn-Pearl BVSc DipECVO MRCVS